Frequently asked questions

When will you begin delivering meals?

Our online begins on Monday of each week. Our customers will have all week to place orders, with a cut off time of 9:00 AM on Friday. All orders will be freshly prepared and delivered on Sundays. Delivery times will be between 1 pm-4:30 pm, with pick up times between 5 pm-7 pm. Pickup will be available at 1400 Dublin Rd Columbus, OH 43215.

Do you use grass-fed/vegetarian fed meats?

We only use the freshest ingredients. We use organic, 100% grass fed ground beef, 100% vegetarian and organic chicken, cage-free organic eggs, uncured bacon, and all natural sausage. In addition, we strive to use mostly organic vegetables and spices.

How will delivery work? Do I need to be home when you deliver?

Yes, you will need to have someone available to accept the orders, as the food being delivered is never frozen but freshly prepared. We are unable to leave the food at your residence. We will deliver foods between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm each Sunday. If phone numbers are provided during ordering, we will call or send a text message to let you know when we are close to your delivery address. We will also have a pick up time from 5 pm to 7 pm on Sunday, should this be more convenient. The pick up location will be at the 1400 Food Lab Commercial Kitchen at 1400 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH. It is right next to the Connect Realty building.

Will the menu items change?

Menu items are subject to change due to seasonality and to allow our customers to experience a variety of low carb meals. We are always on the lookout for new healthy low carb meals ideas.

What is the best way to reheat the meals?

In most cases, the meals can simply be reheated in your microwave. If you are reheating bacon, place the bacon in a single layer on 2 paper towels and cover with a single paper towel to avoid splatter. Heat the bacon for 15-20 seconds if reheating 3 slices, and 20-25 seconds if reheating 6 slices. They will crisp right up! If you are reheating a pizza, you will get the best results reheating in a toaster oven or in a conventional oven for just a few minutes until heated through. However, a microwave will do the trick!

What if I have a special request for my food?

Our meals are made with the freshest ingredients. Should you have any questions related to what those ingredients are, we would be happy to provide you with that information; however, we are unable to accommodate most special requests.

Is there a subscription for MollieFresh?

No, we do not require a subscription. Our whole focus is to make it easy for our customers. We want you to experience how much time we can save you while allowing you to stick to your low carb/keto way of eating. We do require a minimum order of $40 for deliveries and there is a $5 delivery charge.

How do I contact MollieFresh with any questions?

We can be reached via the "Contact Us" link on the top of this page. In addition, we can be reached via our Facebook or Instagram. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Are these meals gluten free?

The ingredients we use are gluten free, however we caution those with heightened sensitivity. Meals are prepared in a shared commercial kitchen.